June 01, 2009

My Recent Playlist

My Recent Playlist

The Ting Tings ~ That’s Not My Name

The Script ~ The Man Who Can’t Be Moved >> …“Cause if one day you wake up and find you’re missing me and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be... “

OneRepublic ~ Stop and Stare

Ronan Keating ~ The Long Goodbye >> …“How long must we keep riding on a carousel? Going round and round and never getting anywhere?”

Dashboard Confessional ~Handsdown

Kings of Convenience ~ Homesick >> …”Homesick cause I no longer know what home is...”

Ne-Yo ~ Because of You

Adhitia Sofyan ~ In To You >> … “I don’t want to be a victim of a broken heart, I don’t want to put myself into another mess…”

Matchbox Twenty ~ Unwell

Akon ~ Sorry, Blame It On Me >>…” I'm sorry for the times I would neglect,
I'm sorry for the times I disrespect…”

what a big fat liar

I always trust you,

but you are used to put





On the


And the


Behind the






How could I trust you?


Chocolate x Strawberry

It’s the end of a journey of chocolate and strawberry

It’s the day when those two decided their next destiny

It’s the time when the strawberry chose to finish

And the first time for chocolate burnt into tears

It’s the end of a strange short term relationship

I wonder whether they’ll be back into a friendship

It’s seems like another game over

I wish both of them will immediately start over

Please * * *

I don’t wanna be childish

Or starting to get peevish

But what happened to me were so much out of bliss

Now I want to make a dismiss

No need to call me selfish,

Better to look at yourself first, please

Mr Busy vs Lady Leisure Time


She knows exactly how many phone calls he has made this month

She even only needs her two fingers to count

She remember clearly that he didn't reply her short message last night

She may not blame on him and it's also not proper to get mad

She knows what will happen if she turned to be peevish

Her bosom friends would tell her not to be selfish

He's such a Mr. Busy every time

And she's like a lady of the leisure time

She surely knows that it's not because he doesn't care

But she's wondering whether it's fair or unfair

He promises her faith and begs her to be more understand

She only wishes that he's really a trustworthy man



I don’t know why it’s always hard to sleep

No matter how hard I try, I will always be

sleepless. And it’s really sucks knowing

Others are `dead asleep while I’m having problem to close

my eyes. I hate of being alone in the middle of the night.

Now this sleeping disorder even seems getting worse.

I’m start getting a headache, I feel tired and unwell, I’m craving to be

able to sleep. Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

May 27, 2009

Careless >.<

December 14, 2008

I have been lost my student identity card for three months. I have forgotten the last time I kept that card. I should’ve managed a new card, but I was too lazy to do it. My friends told me that I have to pay Rp.100.000; and go to three different places to have a new card. For me, that’s complicated. Moreover, I considered the card is not really necessary at the time because I can still do my campus activities without that card. I can still borrow books from the library, using the internet access, and having the exam without that card. The only activity that I can’t do without that card is borrowing the campus bike, but it doesn’t really matter because I can take yellow bus to go around the campus. Ha-ha. What a lazy me!
However, finally I realized that I should manage a new card. I’m afraid that the problem of losing student identity card will still be come out someday. Knowing that one of my classmates also has lost her student identity card, I plan to ask her to manage the new card together. Well, I think it will be better and less complicated if we doing it by two. My friends and I planned to manage the card last Wednesday, but then suddenly she told me that she was running out of money. Therefore, we have to postpone the plan (again). Actually, I was a little bit disappointed at that time. I was in the good mood to manage a new card, but suddenly my friend has a problem with the money.
Nevertheless, I am used to believe that everything always happened for a reason, and once again it is proven to be. Today, I’m the good mood to clean my room. When I was cleaning my worktable’s drawer which is already over loaded and messy, I found my identity card is slipping among some papers note. Whoa, what a lucky me! I have to thank to God for showing me where is the card actually hides. (Naughty card!) Well, perhaps I also have to thank to my friend for postponing our plan to manage the new card, so I don’t have to waste my Rp. 100.000;
Ha-ha… My three months without student identity card is happy ending.
* Can you please remind me to always keep my stuff safely? *